Regional Economic Assessment

We use an approach called Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage (PACA / to identify high-potential economic development activities, taking into account local resources, markets, and capacities. Using the PACA methodology, GCCI systematically assesses and prioritizes a range of economic sub-sectors, based on factors such as market potential, competitiveness, potential to create employment, availability of human resources, and regional linkages. Based on these assessments, we then lead community members in a participatory process of action planning to determine necessary trainings, technical assistance, and micro-financing. Ultimately, the process is designed to harness a community's competitive advantage and catalyze broad-based economic growth and employment creation. Through the PACA, we identify competitive advantages in targeted areas, principle value chains/economic sub-sectors in the area, and potential fields for new businesses. We are able to prepare descriptions of productivity and efficiency of current and potential economic sub-sectors, which aid in highlighting areas of constraint and opportunity.

Business Development

Based on the outcomes of the regional economic assessment, applications are invited from members of the local communities to participate in the phase of training and assistance for business development. Selection for participation is based on business ideas with an emphasis on competitive advantage and applicant capability. GCCI is currently assessing how best to enhance access by women, as we have encountered socio cultural constraints to full participation by women in enterprise development where there is high male unemployment. Successful applicants attend a 14-day training workshop, covering the selection of business ideas, marketing, business management, production planning, and financial planning and analysis of overall business plan. They then receive 5 days of individualized business coaching so that they can develop a business plan (CEFE methodology "Competency based economy through the formation of enterprises").


In 2004, GCCI established the Successful Start Fund. The philosophy of Successful Start Fund is to help establish new businesses or make the existing ones competitive by providing micro loans with NO INTEREST RATES or COLLATERALS. Businesses in the bordering and rural communities have difficulty in accessing or obtaining funds. Banks offer loans with high interests and with long procedures. Before clearing the financing of the proposed projects of the businesses, GCCI improves business competencies of the applicant entrepreneurs through the CEFE methodology mechanism. During 10 years this fund provided loans about 100 rural businesses: Up to 500 000 AMD (about 1000 euro) per business with the below presented conditions.
Maximum size of loan 500 000 AMD
Interest rate 0 %
Loan maximum period 2 years
Guaranty No guaranty
Limitations No limitations
Loan processing time Up to 3 days


Below some photos describing our work.

  • Collection center in Bagratashen
  • PACA exersize in Dexdxavan
  • Artur's and Mher's greenhouse
  • Sunflower production and processing
  • Onion cultivation in Zorakan
  • Cattle breeding in Norashen
  • Breeding at Khndzoresk
  • Farming in Chkalovka
  • PACA workshop in Noratus nas Sarukhan
  • Machinery needs to be updated
  • Stakholders in Bagratashen
  • Greenhouse in Ptghavan

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GCCI strategy promotes sustainable local economic development by strengthening economic sub-sectors, for which specific rural areas have a competitive advantage
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For various projects the partners of GCCI were ProSME/GIZ/PEM, Eurasia Foundation, Near East Foundation, Armenian Fond USA, All Armenian Foundation, Economy and Value NGO, USAID, UNDP, EDRC, CRRC, CAPS, SME DNC, DFID, WCC ART, SME Foundation, Armenian Caritas, Gavar State University, EV consulting, Word Vision Armenia, etc.
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